Year / title / performer(s) / label
Mathias Reumert credit

The list only includes commercially released albums that feature Mathias as main performer or performer in chamber music constellations or producer. Film soundtracks are not included.

2024 Roger Reynolds: Wind Concertos. Ekkozone Records
Conductor, mixing engineer, producer

2024 Louis Aguirre, SoXXI Percussion Group: Egungun. Ekkozone Records

2023 Louis Aguirre, Mathias Reumert Group: Orula. Ekkozone Records
Percussion, conductor, producer

2023 Anders Nordentoft: Balcony Stream. Athelas Sinfonietta, Robert Houssart (cond.). Dacapo Records

2023 Mathias Reumert, Anders Elten: Argumenta — works by Philippe Manoury and Maurice Ravel. Ekkozone Records
Percussion, arranger, producer

2023 Maria Elizabeth: BREATHE. Athelas Sinfonietta,

2022 Niels Rosing-Schow: A Talk of Our Time. Athelas Sinfonietta & soloists. Dacapo Records

2020 Karl Aage Rasmussen: Alone & Together. Athelas Sinfonietta, Concerto Copenhagen, soloists. Dacapo Records

2019 Mathias Reumert: 20th Century Percussion Solos. [works by Stockhausen, Donatoni, Xenakis, Fundal, Henze, Ferneyhough, Reynolds]. Divine Art Recordings
Percussion, producer

2018 Anders Monrad, Nikolaj Heltoft, SUPERFLEX: The Mærsk Opera. Ekkozone Ensemble, Jesper Nordin (cond.), singers. Dacapo Records

2018 Steve Reich: Sextets. Mathias Reumert & Ekkozone Ensemble. Mode Records
Percussion, conductor, producer

2018 Peter Navarro-Alonso: Le Quattro Stagioni. Alpha, Mathias Reumert & Ekkozone Ensemble. Dacapo Records
Conductor, producer

2017 Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm: Sphinx. Athelas Sinfonietta and other ensembles. CDKlassisk

2016 Ole Buck: Sinfonietta Works. Athelas Sinfonietta. Dacapo Records

2016 Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Repriser. Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen. Dacapo Records

2016 Axel Borup-Jørgensen: Viola Works. Anette Slaatto with Mathias Reumert & Ekkozone Ensemble. Dacapo Records
Conductor, marimba

2016 Axel Borup-Jørgensen: Organ Music. Jens E. Christensen with Mathias Reumert, Mahan Esfahani and others. OUR Recordings

2015 Mathias Reumert: Solo [DVD]. [works by Ferneyhough, Donatoni, Henze, Xenakis, Jodlowski, Globokar]. Divine Art Recordings
Percussion, producer

2015 Ekkozone performs Karsten Fundal. Rolf Hind, Peter Peter Navarro-Alonso, Mathias Reumert, Matias Seibæk. Dacapo Records
Percussion, producer

2014 Niels Rosing-Schow: Alliages. [Various performers]. Dacapo Records

2014 Reumert/Hildebrandt: Ein Trommelspiel. Mathias Reumert & David Hildebrandt. Gateway
Percussion, composer, producer

2014 Martin Lutz: There is a spell upon your lips. Kammerkoret CAMERATA + soloists and ensemble. Dacapo Records

2010 PACE Percussion Trio / Thomas Agergaard. Also includes the DVD 'PACE at The Royal Danish Theatre'. Inland
Percussion, composer, producer

2009 Poul Ruders: Concertos. Mathias Reumert, Erik Heide, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Søndergård. Dacapo Records
Percussion soloist

2008 Anders Brødsgaard: In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni. Rolf Hind, Esbjerg Ensemble. Dacapo Records

2008 Jong Pang: Bright White Light. Tigerspring
Marimba, arranger

2006 Iannis Xenakis: Complete works for percussion. Steven Schick, Jacqueline Leclair, red fish blue fish. Mode Records
Co-producer on 'Dmaathen'

2005 Christopher Adler: Epilogue for a Dark Day. red fish blue fish and other performers. Tzadik


2023 Le Tombeau de Couperin. Composer: Maurice Ravel / arr. Mathias Reumert
Purchase the score directly from Edition Svitzer

Please contact Mathias directly for the following scores

Vibraphone Crash Course (2020). Sheet music for Mathias' video course.

 (2017). Music theater for 2 performers and kitchenware.
Co-written with David Hildebrandt. From the show Ein Trommelspiel/Et Trommespil.

Prehistory. (2017). Duo version: for electronically processed “I Ching” kalimba and marimba. Trio version: for electronically processed “I Ching” kalimba, marimba and synthesizer.
Co-written with David Hildebrandt. From the show Ein Trommelspiel/Et Trommespil.

 (2011). For percussion trio.

 (2009). For percussion trio.
Co-written with David Hildebrandt and Mathias Friis-Hansen.